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Review of the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles

February 17th, 2009

With the Oscar’s coming up this weekend, I wanted to be closer to where the action is, and while the Bel-Air isn’t exactly near the venue, it is where the A-List Celebs are at.

Diz is fond of this place because of the iconic Marilyn Monroe by the pool picture which, at some point we need to do a pic of her in the same pose.

Marilyn Monroe Hotel Bel-Air

For the most part the grounds of the Hotel Bel-Air haven’t changed since Marilyn Monroe’s days.

Monroe Hotel Bel-Air Pool

The Rooms however have been updated since, and they are stunning.

Monroe Hotel Bel-Air Bed Room

The decor is not so “pink” that I feel like a princess, but are warm and romantic which suits Diz who felt a bit more celebrity, than royalty.

The grounds and the various dining locations through out the hotel are impressive too.  The Veranda where we had breakfast was beautiful, if a bit unseasonably cold, because we got there too early for the staff to have the heaters set up, but they were quick to accommodate and set up two near our table.

Monroe Hotel Bel-Air Veranda

Diz insisted that I post this pic she took with her iPhone of the toilet paper, which had that lovely fold which we can’t get my maid to do.

Monroe Hotel Bel-Air Bathroom

Here is a bit better picture of the bathroom, rather than just the toilet paper roll,

Monroe Hotel Bel-Air bathroom

Yes those are fresh flowers on the sink, the maid service replaced them each day.

The Hotel Bel-Air is an amazing 5 star hotel, and unlike many of the cheap hotels, or the hotels in Vegas, the Bel-Air requires a bit of an advanced booking, we couldn’t book the Herb Garden Suite which is where I really wanted to stay.

While the Swan Lake Suite was very nice, I was really just looking for a Garden suite.

The nearly 800 square feet was more than we need for our stay, and the private patio is being wasted on our short trip.


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