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Review of Sofitel Los Angeles: It Blows

February 24th, 2009

I booked Sofitel Los Angeles through Hotwire.com, and I realize that maybe you get a lousier room than I would if I booked directly.  But the room I got was not worth even the $149 a night that I ended up paying.

Sofitel Room in LA

The Sofitel room was small.  Really small.  I guess if you are just sleeping there, it doesn’t matter, but it wasn’t a great place to sleep.  It was noisy because it is not set back from the road, or the neighborhood. My room was across from a school, so on Monday at 8am I was woken by the screams of kids.

I had a great view of the Trashy Lingerie Store, and the Star Strip Club.


If you are on the other side of the building you get a view of Macy’s.  So I had the better of the views.

The Bathroom looked nice enough, but the Vanity lights didn’t work so it was dark.


So overlooking the accommodations the service blew.  I checked in ahead of JJ.  (Diz didn’t join us) And while I told the front desk that is was me plus JJ, they didn’t put her name on the room so when she showed up to use the room to prep for our Oscar Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, they wouldn’t let her in the room.

This combined with the Valet leaving the lights on, on my car so the battery was dead in the morning. Then because I only drove 2 miles to the Beverly Hills Hotel and back, the car was dead again in the morning.  Rather than listening to me that this was going to be an issue the next morning they pulled the car off to the side an blocked two other cars which then had to wait while my car was jumped.

The Club located at the Sofitel was a total joke.  The supposedly exclusive club let anyone in. The Crowd was made up of mostly gold digging girls, and guys pretending to be gold.  Joy, June, Nadia, and I had a few drinks, but getting an appetizer was all but impossible.  The DJ had no sense of continuity in music.  Which was obvious to the crowd as there was no one dancing, and the volume was such that there was also no one really talking or mingling the way you’d get at any other club/lounge worth going to.

I won’t likely be going back, I’m much happier at the Holiday Inn Express. Which doesn’t charge me for parking, Internet, or screw up my letting other people in to the room.


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