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My R56 Mini Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

April 14th, 2010

I’ll try and remember to get some pictures, but she needs a bath first.  My Mini Cooper S just got a much needed upgrade.  Rather than the John Cooper Works 205 18×7 Rims with a 35 tire on them, I upgraded to a set of 215s at 18x8x40 this makes the tire a bit thicker which took a lot of the “ox cart” feel that Diz hated (I just disliked) and gives the car a much smoother ride.  The wider tires grip like nothing I can explain.  I wend from GoKart handling to F1 handling.  The car just grips curves to the point I could put Diz in my lap going around a corner.


I’m really happy with the setup, and TireRack.com was very helpful with helping me pick out the rim and tire combination. I ended up with MOTEGI RACING SP10 and the Continental Xtreme All Weather.   Yeah I know I was running a racing compound before, but you know what I have more grip and I won’t go through tires as fast, and when I hit snow in Tahoe I won’t fear for my life.  That is all worth something to me.

Oh and Diz’s new complaint. The ride is too quiet she can hear the “whoosh of the turbo”.   We just do the car talk thing and turn the radio up.


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