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Considering Driving Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the 2009 Gumball 3000

April 11th, 2009

So my good friend Chris hears I’m shopping Ferrari’s and says… How do you feel about one with a few miles on it?  I’m like Really? You think I should get a used Ferrari? Chris is doing ok, but he is cheap, as demonstrated by his shack near Pizmo Beach.  He says “It will be new when you first drive it”.

After dancing me around for a while he finally the other day told me what the deal is.  He is working on a Charity Auction to be Co-driver in the Gumball 3000. The starting bid is $400k Which is about $120k over list for this 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia, and I was really thinking about getting one in White to Cut down on the Cop Stops… But you get to drive in the race, and the notoriety that comes with having had it in the Gumball 3000 is worth something. And this 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a tuned model done by Risi Competizione which adds to the value, and spending time beside Mika Salo would be awesome.

And according to the Auction site you also get:

  • Two seats at either their US Tour or Road and Racing events

  • Honorary membership with Risi Competizione

  • A complete set of racing gear (helmet, driving suit, gloves, shoes, etc.)

I did stop at the Seattle Ferrari dealer and look at this one.

2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia similar to the one I might race in Gumball 3000

Which weighs in at $302k so I’m doing the qualification for the E-bay auction, we’ll see what portion of the donation is tax deductible and if I can come out a head or close on this deal.

Oddly Diz is ok with this, I thought I’d get an earful of “don’t do that you’ll die”  Maybe she thinks she is on my life insurance policy…

I am also a supporter of Hole in the Wall Camps, as many of you know.

But if you don’t… Here is a bit about Hole in the Wall Camps.

The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps is a not for profit umbrella organization set up to serve existing Hole in the Wall Camps as well as camps in formation. Our mission is to extend the magical Hole in the Wall Camps experience to as many children with serious illnesses and life-threatening conditions as possible. www.holeinthewallcamps.org


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