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Stud Wallet Women: Koobla Hand Bags Wallet

February 27th, 2009

I’m apparently a good judge of what women want.  I picked up for Diz this Bohemian Women’s Stud Wallet.  She has a leather jacket that she wear’s when we take out the Jeep, because she likes to look “Dangerous”.  I can’t convince her to get the stud collar to go with the

Kooba Handbags Stud Classic Wallet in Black ( Stud Wallet Women )

wallet, but it was a good make up gift after a recent fight.  I should have taken a picture before I gave it to her, maybe we’ll update after, but in the mean time, here it is.


It’s from Koobla.  Their is just something about Stud Wallet Women that makes them “Dangerous” on the inside.  I suspect Eliza Dushku has a Stud wallet.


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