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New Watch For Our Upcoming Trip To Australia

February 27th, 2009

Diz and I are going to go diving off the Great Barrier Reef, next month, and besides needing some new fins, I need a new watch, none of the ones I wear day-to-day are water proof to enough depth, and I wanted one that was readable at depth, since many of the nice “diver’s watches” are white hands on a white face and not luminescent.

Pzero Tempo Men's Swiss Automatic Diver Titanium Rubber Strap Watch

So while I was quickly looking for a pic of that studded purse I got Diz, I ordered  this Pzero Tempo watch.  The rubber strap is better than the metal link ones, as I have had to pick sea-weed out of more than a few watches, the face should be easy to read, and it is rated for 30 Atmospheres so I’ll be crushed to jelly before the watch dies. 

It also had a rotating crown for tracking dive time, which most of the divers watches don’t.

Yes I could get a watch with a depth gauge, and all sorts of digital stuff, but they are fugly.  And I refuse to have an ugly watch with dials I don’t understand, need, or trust.  That ranks up there with those guys who where a Ferrari hat, and have never even sat in one. 


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