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The New Ferrari Vertu Phone

February 17th, 2009

I have had my as my friends call it “Ugly” Ferrari Vertu Phone for a while now.  I do have to admit it was a purchase on a whim, and while Diz gives me grief that it has a cute little “My Little Pony” on the bottom, the phone has been great most of the time, and the 4 band GSM worked absolutely everywhere flawlessly, something which can not be said for her iPhone.

Old Ferrari Vertu Phone

So the new version is much more Ferrari like.  With Red and Black Leather and brushed metal, and this time no “My Little Pony” instead the prancing horse is embossed rather than just printed.

ferrari vertu phone back ferrari vertu phone front

The camera on this Phone is phenomenal. and with QIK installed for doing video, I can stream live video to the web, which the iPhone can’t.

I do have to admit that the Pocket Dyno for the iPhone is slick, but since I carry an iPod Touch, I can calculate my “Prancing Horse” power with that instead.  The Vertu is also much easier to carry in my suits breast pocket, and the Cell Pocket in my Leather Jacket, which the iPhone doesn’t.

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