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S. T. Dupont Medici “Desk Set”

March 21st, 2009

Diz was giving me grief while flipping through the channels on TV and we saw the scene in “Dead Poets Society” where the boy receives the same desk set that he received the previous year for his birthday.  “Didn’t you just buy a desk set?”.  Yes if you call the Clock, Pens and Lighters from S. T. Dupont inlayed with platinum, a “Desk Set”, I just bought a desk set.

It is actually a “Smoke Set” with much more to do with lighting a cigar than writing thing down.


I was most interested in it for the fountain pen however as someone seems to have walked off with my previous one, and while this pen is far more expensive, I figure people will steal sign a contract and walk with a $50 pen, my $3,500 pen should be less likely to have “legs”

I picked my Medici up at a high end cigar shop in LA, but here is a link to the same one on Amazon, (little cheaper too) if you are interested.

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